Currently, residents of the Glenwood Preserve are free to install solar panels on their houses. Like any renovation, the homeowner must submit a plan to the Design Review Committee.

The question we are gathering opinion on is: Should panels be allowed to be installed on the street-facing (front) section of a roof, or should they be restricted to the back and sides only?

The argument to restrict placement is:

  • To prevent any change to the visual curb-appeal of the house

The argument to allow full placement is:

  • The placement of panels affects how they work, so they should be installed in the most optimal positioning
  • Solar panels are an investment, and require optimal positioning to ensure the best return on that investment
  • Solar panels increase the value of the house, and we should not discourage their installation in any way

Regardless of if the above restriction is included, the board will write guidelines involving the color, style, materials, and other factors, to ensure that any project fits within the high standards of our neighborhood.