News and Events

The Glenwood Preserve HOA is committed to both the ongoing visual improvement of our neighborhood, and to growing the strong community of the residents who reside here. Below you’ll see notes on our current and past beautification initiatives, as well as recaps of social events we’ve enjoyed.

Beautification of our Neighborhood

Pollinator Gardens

Phase One: We’ve cleared out all of the scrub brush and overgrowth along the entranceway. On one side this stretches from Ravenna Road to Deerfield, on the other side it goes from Parkland to the Park Entrance. Besides prepping the land for Phase Two, this will allow the trees left behind to grow larger and stronger, since their roots are no longer overrun with weeds. – Completed 2020

Phase Two: Working with specialists, we will install a variety of plants that encourage pollinators and other wildlife to thrive. This will transform the entire entranceway into a beautiful flowering garden. The upkeep on this will be minimal, as everything will be a native Ohio perennial, and will only get more lush as time goes on. The installation of informational plaques along the sidewalk will encourage our residents to learn and take pride in the environment. – 2021

Complete: Our gardens have bloomed with beautiful wildflowers and grasses that will help the bees and butterflies do what they do.

The Corner at Deerfield

We made a few changes to the mulch bed to clean up and improve the area. The old willow tree, after half falling down on its own, has been removed. We’ve planted a new copper beech tree in its place, which will fill in with beautiful red leaves, creating a nice focal point among all the green. We also removed a few of the bushes that were not growing well and shuffled around some of the others. With the willow canopy gone, more sunlight will reach the ground, allowing for a larger and stronger growth area. Lastly, we moved some of the rocks around in the mulch, creating a new ‘path’ through the landscape.

– Completed Fall 2020

Front Entrance Lighting

New landscape lighting has been installed at the entrance sign and all down the trees on the median. Additionally, junipers have been planted to hide the junction box we installed to power the lights.

More plants and fresh mulch will be put in shortly as well.

– Completed July 2014

Front Entrance Fence Accent

New vinyl fencing has been installed in our front entranceway that matches the also-new vinyl fencing along Ravenna Road. The new fencing continues the more professional look and feel but also sports an added scalloping design along its top edge.

– Completed June 2013

Entrance Sign & Landscaping

We have completely renovated our front entrance. The sign has been repainted with a new color scheme, and the stonework below it has been entirely replaced with higher quality product and a more skillful installation.

The surrounding foliage was selected and planted with both visual appeal and lasting sustainability in mind – the result being a beautiful display that needs less maintenance year-round. A new tree has also been planted behind the sign that will eventually grow into an incredible centerpiece for the entrance.

We have also cleaned up the islands running back into the development with additional plants and stones.

– Completed October 2013

Welcome Sign at Back Entrance

A secondary welcome sign has been installed by the back entrance of our neighborhood. Located street-side on Belmeadow where our development meets our neighboring development. The new sign matches the look of our main sign, strengthening the branding of our association and enforcing our commitment to making our neighborhood a nicer place to live.

– Completed September 2013

General Landscape Maintenance

After circulating an open bid to dozens of contractors, we have signed a new contract that will save us $5,000 and increase the services rendered.

– Completed April 2013

Fence Along Ravenna Road

We’ve installed a rather impressive vinyl fence along the border of our development, a huge improvement over the wooden one that used to be in place. The new fence is taller, solid-walled, and will not need maintenance for years.

– Completed July 2012

Sign Posts & Lights

Adding a touch of class to our neighborhood, we’ve installed upgraded sign posts and street lights that feature visual embellishments and a more professional feel than the standard issue most blocks have.

– Completed June 2012

Social Events we’ve Enjoyed

Ice Cream Social

As summer comes to an end, we celebrate with one last hurrah. Free ice cream and treats for all of our residents while they gather at the Dayflower park playground.

– Event held yearly at the end of summer before school begins

Neighborhood Garage Sale

A weekend of clearing out our garages and basements. Houses throughout the neighborhood all garage sale together, creating a large incentive for shoppers to come and check out their goods.

– Event held yearly in the beginning or middle of summer

Wine & Paint Party

We organized a Wine and Paint night for our residents to come out and enjoy a glass or two while making some art. The 30-ticket event sold out, and those in attendance had a blast.

– Held February 2015

Summer Block Party

We hosted a giant party for all of our members one fine Saturday afternoon. There was plenty of food, including burgers, hot dogs, ‘bloomin onions’, ice cream, and more, as well as inflatables and glitter tattoos for the kids, and a fire safety demonstration courtesy of the Twinsburg Fire Department.

– Held September 2014