Home Renovation

So you want to improve your property? Fantastic! Our residents take great pride in their houses and making them even better just brings up the entire neighborhood. In order to ensure a consistently nice image for the neighborhood, we’ve created a simple process of working together to get your build started.

  1. Check our Code of Regulations and Declaration of Covenants to ensure your plan is permissible within our bylaws. If you have any questions, you can contact the Board for assistance.
  2. Submit your completed form, along with dimensionally scaled drawings (including setbacks and side yards if applicable, samples, brochures, color pallets and pictures) to the Design Review Committee. Depending on the project, we may ask for more in-depth construction drawings. The more detailed, the better. You can download the submission form in the Design review section further down this page.
  3. Assuming everything is in line with our bylaws, you can contact your builders and get started. Don’t forget that the City of Twinsburg has their own permits and procedures that need to be followed as well.

Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee is comprised of volunteers voted into position who are tasked with making sure any proposed plans stay within our guidelines.

To submit plans to the Design Review Committee, download and complete the form below and submit it to theglenwoodpreserve@gmail.com (for review usually within one week) or P.O. Box 655. Twinsburg, Ohio, 44087 (for review usually within two weeks).

Code of Regulations and Declaration of Covenants

The GPHA Code of Regulations and Declaration of Covenants together make up our bylaws. They are legally codified standards we use to apply fair and positive rules to our neighborhood. In the event your were not shown these documents when you moved into our neighborhood or you cannot locate your documents, please click on the appropriate link below.